Ivo Josipović

President of Croatia (2010-2015)

Ivo Josipović is is a Croatian jurist, composer and politician who served as the President of Croatia from 2010-2015. Previously a member of the Croatian Parliament from 2003, Josipović stood for President as part of the Social Democratic Party and won in 2010. His campaign was titled "New Justice" (Nova Pravednost), and called for a new legal framework to address deep social injustice, corruption and organised crime. This included the protection of individual rights and the promotion of fundamental values; Josipović also used his Presidency to heal wounds with Croatia's Balkan neighbours. Prior to entering politics, he reached PhD level in law and criminal sciences, in which he also lectured. He also represented his country before the International Court of Justice and the ICTY. In addition, Josipović also trained in music composition, and he has composed several prize-winning chamber music pieces and served as the Director of Music Biennale Zagreb.